Guardians of The Galaxy commission

Guardians of the Galaxy commissionGOTG

Big Dunc commission

Big Dunc commission

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Conjurers Confidential

I entered the Observer/Jonathan Cape Graphic Short Story prize last year, and though I didn’t get anywhere I was pleased with the entry. Figuring that because it’s madness to try the same thing and expect a different result, this year I tried something new. With the same result.

Conjurers Confidential is a four page strip written by my friend Stephen Aston. Compared to the strips I write, this has an awful lot packed into four pages. We intended it to be funny, grotesque and take a shot at the entertainment scene we both grew up with, which has produced grim headlines in the last couple of years.

Will I enter again next year? Maybe. The competition can result in exposure that far exceeds the self publishing cul-de-sac I’m in, and provides a rare brief to respond to. And it’s fun to do.

Thanks to Steve for a brilliant (first time) comic script.

My entry from 2013 follows  below (click on the images to embiggen)


Conjurers Confidential1 Conjurers Confidential2 Conjurers Confidential3 Conjurers 4









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Teju Cole

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For Foreign Policy Magazine

Despatch the war rocket Ajax

to bring back his bootyScreen shot 2014-08-29 at 10.34.52


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