Death of Medb


Medb/Maeve/Mab was an Irish Queen of Connacht. Something of an iron age hottie, she had tons of lovers and bore seven sons all called – with a singular lack of imagination – Maine. As legend has it, she was killed when a piece of cheese slung by a vengeful celt knocked her stone dead as she was bathing in a pool. I decided to leave the murder weapon out of my depiction.


3 thoughts on “Death of Medb

  1. Okay. Okay. You’ve forced me to come out of hiding and comment now. THAT is bloody lovely. Are you creating all these textures yourself? And when are you gonna start selling prints? I’ve got a thing for strong jawed dead chicks with ginger hair.


  2. Ha ha VanWilson I have you now. I splodged some watercolours around when I was watching telly the other night to scan in. I felt like a four year old. Deceased copper topped hotties is a bit of a niche interest but I’m made up it pushed your buttons.


  3. these are absolutely amazing. Combines my love of all things medieval and art! Would love to have them all hanging up in my house!


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