When I was a kid my parents gave me a choice of going to see Clash of the Titans or Condorman at the pictures. Guess which one I chose. Click the pic to embiggen.



2 thoughts on “Perseus

  1. Both of those films stunk IIRC. Harryhausen the one bright point in COTT, no? And Condorman had a car chase with whole heap of flatnose Porsches. Srs doe, bankrolling a Disney/Michael Crawford collabo? [shudder]


  2. Clash of the Titans is pretty shite, but the monsters are tip-top – Calibos, Medusa, The Kraken, R2-D2 – sorry I mean Bubo the owl. Any film with Pat Roach in it can’t be all bad. Apart from Last Crusade.


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