Failed Columbo


Should I blog things I don’t like? I tried something a wee bit different here and it didn’t really work. Apart from the fact it looks nowt like Peter Falk. To be honest I’ve been in a bit of a drawing rut since I got back off my hols. Maybe it serves me right for sitting on my bum watching Columbo, when I should just turn-off-the-television-set-and-go-out-and-do-something-less-boring-instead. 

Da da da da da da daa.


2 thoughts on “Failed Columbo

  1. You got to have some eye white in there – he had a false eye that I could never stop looking at. Not that it was bad, like "Yo mamma got a glass eye so big it got a fish in it", but once me dad told me, I was always looking out for it.


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