Fifty Goodies #3


Blimey Charlie, three down already. Three more good guys – click on the image to see the world’s smallest swastika.


11 thoughts on “Fifty Goodies #3

  1. I think V is called V! Tron or Clu? Arnie can only go in once… torn between Conaaan and him off Predator – Dutch?


  2. What about James T kirk, Paul Newman cool hand luke, Mathew Broderick war games/Ferris, Mulder x-files, Jason Bourne, Lassie/Benji, The Bride, Patton, Hercules, Perseus, Bogart Casablanca, Marty/Doc, any of the Characters from Easy Rider, The Darkman, Patrick Swayze Ghost/road house


  3. Trouble is Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke looks just like… Paul Newman (unless I stick an egg in his mouth!) Thought about Spock, but Star Trek to me is TV first – same reason there’s no Dalek in the baddies. Lassie’s gotta be in, so’s Doc Brown. Darkman, hmmm…….lots of food for thought, thanks!


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