Winter’s Knight#1


Although I’ve read tons of comics, I’ve never actually had a go at making one (apart from when I copied the Judge Dredd story ‘Death Lives’ panel for panel when I was about 11 or 12. With a paintbrush and a pot of Indian ink. I was mental.)

Christ on a bike, it’s harder than it looks. This page was pretty complicated until I started stripping it back and back until what’s left is pretty abstract, which I quite like. One page done, and it’s not really how I saw it in my mind’s eye. It’s definitely a steep learning curve – I hope to improve, and speed up (at this rate I’ll finish my first story in time for the Olympics. In Rio.)


4 thoughts on “Winter’s Knight#1

  1. This is great Rob! I really like that whole abstract approach to comics, I do it quite frequently myself. It’s something I’ve come to like very much, if you would have asked me 25 years ago I would have said otherwise.


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