Fifty Goodies #11



…that’s Atticus Finch by the way.


6 thoughts on “Fifty Goodies #11

  1. Cheers! I’ve got 19 places left and a list of about 22, so I don’t quite know who’s going to make the final cut. Suggestions gratefully received!


  2. They are getting better every time. The eyes have it.More suggestions than 22?Jaws (Richard Kiel – he was a goody at the end of Moonraker)Chief Brody / Richard Dreyfuss’ character in Jaws Charles "Death Wish" BronsonColumbo


  3. I’d love to draw Jaws. Floating into space looking for a planet to populate…I suppose by that logic Darth Vader could have been a goody because he chucked the emperor into a conveniently placed shaft. There’s a thought – I should include Shaft! Good suggestion!I’m torn between Brody and Quint, but one of them’s going in. Maybe i could do Quint with a load of blood bursting out of his mouth. Hmmm.


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