Fifty Goodies #13


I was lucky enough to to be the right age to see the Star Wars Trilogy at the cinema (though I did think Darth Vader was the good guy for some reason and was inconsolable when he span off at the end of Star Wars).

I’m also eternally grateful that I was exactly the right age when Evil Dead II appeared. I was about thirteen, just when me and my friends had started renting out dodgy horror films on VHS. We watched Evil Dead II on Halloween night as the second in a double bill. I can’t even remember what that first film was. I’m glad I was young enough to find it really scary – I spent the whole running time in hysterics of either laughter or absolute terror, only the second film to achieve that balance (the other is, of course, American Werewolf in London). And that mind – bending ending! I looked at my mates, and without a word, rewound the tape and we watched it all over again.

The perfect film, at the perfect age. Groovy.


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