Fifty Goodies number 50


Like the baddies, there’s loads of goodies that got left out, but it would have been perverse to have Fifty Goodies without Indy. The impact of that first perfect film had enough energy to carry the rest of the franchise along even though each was a bit worse than the last (Last Crusade is barely a film, more like a random sketch show with some guy in a hat along for continuity reasons).

So Fifty Goodies are done… and it’s off to the printers for me!


15 thoughts on “Fifty Goodies number 50

  1. I am impressed by your work. Just I had a question. Do you use Illustrator for your drawings? They are just great! I love how you use the color and the different shapes in the drawings.


  2. Hi Juli,I use illustrator and then apply some textures (inks and paint sploshed around, rolled on paper, sponges, fingerprints, anything…) in photoshop to break up the textures. Cheers!


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