Fifty Baddies Redux


The original Fifty Baddies print was for a local film-themed exhibition and I didn’t really think much past that, limiting it to just 50 copies. It seemed to be popular, however, on those there internets and the 50 sold out pretty quickly. I’d never tried to sell a print before so it was a bit of a surprise.

I’ve had a ton of requests for Fifty Baddies prints since then which made limiting them to just fifty seem a bit daft in retrospect and left me in a quandary. So…

…I’ve decided to re-release Fifty Baddies in a new edition. There will be a number of changes out of respect for the people who bought the original. Of course new faces means some of the old ones unfortunately have their marching orders. First to go is old wheezy himself, replaced by the far cooler (until he provided lunch for the Sarlaac pit) Boba Fett.



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