DO meet your heroes

At the weekend I was lucky enough to meet up and have a few pints with Mick McMahon and Warwick Johnson-Cadwell. Mick is variously described as a comics ‘legend’ and ‘genius’ which – though true – seem to sit uneasily with the unassuming and affable guy I met. Both Mick and Warwick have had a big influence on my baby steps into illustration and it’s to both their credit that neither took me to task about it!

If anyone is unfamilair with their work, there’s lots more of this grooviness (below) so hasten thee to the blogs and don’t spare the horses…

Mick’s blog
Warwick’s blog 




3 thoughts on “DO meet your heroes

  1. True Mark. Strange how it’s taken so long but there’s a definite resurgence in popularity and reappraisal of Mick’s work. Long may it continue.


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