Fifty Baddies Redux – The Childcatcher


You can keep your Kruegers, Bates, Myers and Voorhees. I think this guy has caused more sleepless nights than the lot of them combined. Brrr.


3 thoughts on “Fifty Baddies Redux – The Childcatcher

  1. Your Work Is Just Insanely Amazing. Mad Respect to You. Please be sure to include in the list of Baddies to the Goblin King Jareth from Labyrinth and The Skersis of the Dark Crystal 🙂


  2. Thanks for answering it is an honor!! I am very excited. in fact I’m a big fan of Henson. I’m really surprised by your choice in the characters, we have very similar tastes 🙂 I hope you consider my suggestion, I admire and appreciate your work, thanks for taking time to answer me and forgive my English is very basic because I am of Spanish-speaking


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