Evolution of the creature


Only a few more to do before Fifty Baddies version 2 is complete and about a year has passed since I started it. Since then, without me noticing, the style has become more and more detailed. I’m not sure this is a good or a bad thing, but one thing is for sure – a couple of those old drawings just don’t fit with the new guys. So here’s old seaweed chops with a facelift.


2 thoughts on “Evolution of the creature

  1. A good thing, IMO. Your current stuff is looking fantastic. Been awaiting Fifty Baddies v2 ever since stumbling across your work. Both myself and my boss are ready to snap it up once it goes on sale!


  2. Thanks Ash. I just didn’t realise there was such a big gap between the first thing I’d done and the last. I guess it’s a good thing to keep moving on…


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