Mister Sheene…


 … and Mister Cruyff, Braun and Ali.

This was a commission for an online magazine featuring famous 70’s sporting legends. And Dieter Braun.

Capturing likenesses is a frustrating process as it is. Many is the time a picture gradually morphs from a spot-on likeness to something of a distant cousin to whoever you’re trying to draw. My Muhammed Ali, for example, is a fair enough likeness but the more I look at it the more he looks like Cuba Gooding Jnr.


2 thoughts on “Mister Sheene…

  1. yeah, but Ali is a nightmare to draw. his face while instantly recognizable, does not have any real distinguishing features. Even when fighting he kept a closed face. It would be easier, one would think, to draw him at one of his press conferences, or rigth after he KO’d somenoe. at least then he showed lots of emotion. I thought yours is spot on


  2. Maybe you’re right – he’s a handsome guy, and a lot of handsome people have well-proportioned features. It’s us uglies that are easier to draw!Thanks!


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