A consequence of doing the Fifty Goodies/Baddies posters is that I sometimes get asked to do likenesses of people for editorial jobs. Ordinarily I find likenesses tricky (you can even trace a photo, and it won’t look like the person) so these jobs can be quite stressful. It’s even harder when you don’t know the subject – as was the case with Bert Marshall, CEO of BlueCross in Texas. I was commissioned for a portrait of the guy, and before you could say google image search I’d sent a rough off (top) that I was really pleased with, and looking forward to drawing properly – he has a background in college football, so I’d incorporated a bit of that with the state of Texas (one of the only recogniseable state ‘shapes’). Neat.

Bert Marshall


The rough wasn’t popular, and a straightforward portrait was preferred. I still managed to draw the bits I really wanted to, however, – the footballers and the speeding ambulance made it intact and are still my favourite bits (I’m quite fond of the leather chair too). Phew.


Bert Marshall


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