A season of ‘Beautiful Deaths’

Here’s all ten episodes of Game of Thrones Season 1, translated into a death per episode (except for episode three which had no deaths and for which we used a fetching three eyed raven).

The most challenging aspect of all this has been trying to think of different kinds of ‘ideas’ for each picture, without simply recreating the scene as was filmed. There’s been ‘graphic’ ideas – the map of Westeros in blood, the blood on the claws of The Mountain’s shield, the giant boar’s head waiting for Robert Baratheon in the woods – there’s been extreme compositions – Jory’s eye with the Kingslayer looming, Arya’s sword skewering the stable boy – and there’s been ‘collage’ ideas – Ned’s blood turning into birds, the butcher boy running in The Hound’s hot breath.

I hope they work as a set, with the border and typography helping to bring some consistency to what is a disparate set of images. I’ve been helped by a great team over at 360i who have been massively encouraging (and tolerant!) and who have weighed in with ideas, direction  and thoughts along the way.

I’m already halfway through season two but the rate at which they’re being posted at beautifuldeath.com  is chasing me down as relentlessly as The Hound…

15 thoughts on “A season of ‘Beautiful Deaths’

  1. I absolutely loved your illustration of the three-eyed crow, and also the one of the fatal pot of gold for the utter creepiness of the skull in the melted gold. The one I found the most striking, though, was the art for “The Wolf and the Lion”, and I’m a little curious as to what inspired you.


    1. Hi there, thank you very much. With that image, it was about thinking around the brief – HBO didn’t want any likenesses, so i had to find a way of drawing the scene. Anything that didn’t involve an eye and a dagger just didn’t work, so we chose the silhoette reflected in the eye as the simplest way of showing the scene (an alternative version was the dagger with the eyeball still impaled on it!)


  2. The violent deaths in Game of Thrones turned me away from the television series by the middle of the first episode. Yet you have created extraordinary artwork with this series. I am so taken by the focus of your composition, your use of color, and the imagination with which you capture the story with each composition. My favorites are Robert Barathian Murdered by a Pig, and Come Back to Me My Sun and Stars (I am a sucker for horses).


  3. Reblogged this on Sybal's Front Door and commented:
    As I have been fooling around with blogging, I have gradually started searching for and reading other blogs. I was so taken with the post by artist Robert M. Ball, that I am sharing his post A Season of Beautiful Deaths.” This is the artwork he created to illustrate each episode from a season of the TV Series Game of Thrones.


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