Beautiful Death, Season Two

Ten more representations of death scenes from Games of Thrones season two, and using just about any technique I can muster. My favourite is the death of a relatively minor character: Ser Amory is felled by a poison dart whilst delivering a message to Tywin Lannister so we turned Ser Amory into a raven (the SMS system of Westeros) and killed the poor bird instead. Add in the crumbling spires of Harrenhall and I was pleased with the formal composition, split down the middle with blood.

I’m currently four pictures ahead of schedule and time is getting tight, so if you don’t mind I have to go, there’s a burnt skeleton I need to attend to.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Death, Season Two

  1. I have no idea what the programme is about – I watched the first half of the first episode and considered it to be Carry On Throning – but the illustrations are brilliant.


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