Sun Thief

This is my first book cover – for Egmont publishing (more news on that soon). I guess my work has been ‘angle-y’, so maybe a good fit for an Egyptian feel.

I just tried to make it as simple and colourful as possible, so hopefully it stands out on the shelves/Amazon recommends lists. I put in some positional type to help with the composition, which was then replaced by the designers over at Egmont.

Boy was plucked out of the River Nile as a baby. He now works at the local inn, making the plates and beakers from mud, as well as beautiful model animals that everyone loves. They live in the shadow of the Great Pyramid, working hard and trying not to run foul of the new king, who has banned all the old gods and closed the temples.

Then a mysterious stranger comes to the inn. He takes Boy to King Akenaten’s city, where his artistic talent is put to use on the unfinished sculpture of Queen Nefertiti’s head…’


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