A New Hope

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 14.03.23It’s probably an exaggeration to say that I ended up working in the creative industries because I saw Star Wars in 1977 but it feels that – like a whole generation of kids – I came out of the pictures permanently changed.

So when I was contacted by Egmont publishing to draw Star Wars characters for a kids activity book it really felt like coming full circle, and a job I’d give my robotic right hand for.

The bulk of the work was creating stickers for nearly every character and vehicle from the Star Wars universe against quite a challenging deadline. Along the way I learned the official names for characters that we’d called Hammerhead, Walrus face and The Hamster amongst others.

The rest of the work was creating sticker scenes, background and any other bits and pieces that came up along the way (a Sarlacc Pit here, a couple of Minocks here). It was hard work, but a joy to be knocked out by the design of those original films all over again.

Emil and Richie over at Egmont have put together really great kids books – absolutely crammed with puzzles and activities. Here’s some illustrations from ‘A New Hope’, with Empire and Jedi to follow.

Click the pics to embiggen!


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