Beautiful Death 5:10

This picture draws to a close another season of Beautiful Deaths. If I’m allowed a favourite this is mine. I was especially pleased to metaphorically include Shireen, as I thought it was important to mark her passing.

I hope I get the chance to do it all again next year, but it’s a good one to end on, and fifty posters ain’t bad.

Is Jon dead? Is Stannis actually gone? Like Jon Snow and Manuel from Fawlty Towers
I know nothing.

I know nothing.


One thought on “Beautiful Death 5:10

  1. Wonderful! Very emotive and evocative and I like the way you reference the violence of the deaths without showing it.

    My husband has read all the GoT books but I just watch the show. Nevertheless I have all these theories all the time and then someone croaks and I have to adapt my theories. I think that’s the main draw of the show for me: it’s unpredictability.

    I’ve really enjoyed following your drawings. I look forward to their return next season.


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