Earlier this year I was asked to redesign the covers for Jason Rohan’s ‘Kuromori’ trilogy, young adult adventure fiction which is a heady brew of Japanese mythology and superpowers. It was an advantage to be able to work on all three at the same time, meaning I could give each cover a strong overall colour to stand out on the shelves, with a simple element to tie them together (strong circular compositions).

Thanks to my pal Chris for posing for Book One (the hero, not the monster)



Screenshot 2016-12-29 14.06.43.png

One of the characters is a Tanuki who loves donuts. Fair enough.
Some designs, sketches and prep below. It’s fair to say I was in my element.Screenshot 2016-12-29 14.07.51.png

Screenshot 2016-12-29 14.07.40.png

Screenshot 2016-12-29 14.08.07.png

Screenshot 2016-12-29 14.08.20.png

Screenshot 2016-12-29 14.08.53.pngScreenshot 2016-12-29 14.09.24.png

Screenshot 2016-12-29 14.10.06.png

Screenshot 2016-12-29 14.09.42.png

Screenshot 2016-12-29 14.10.31.png

Screenshot 2016-12-29 14.09.10.png



3 thoughts on “Kuromori

  1. Great designs! I love that each one was distinctively different but that all three were unified not just by your style but through design elements. I need to check these books out as they sound like something my 11 year old might like.


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