Beautiful Death 7:7

Beautiful Death 7_7

The last Beautiful Death of the series, and goodbye to the mockingbird. I think it makes dramatic sense for whoever ultimately sits on the Iron Throne to either not want it, or for someone who’s schemed for so long to sit on the throne only to realise it’s worthless.

Goodbye to the second theory.

Symbol overload for this one and a loooooooong wait – eight o’s worth in fact – for the final series, when hopefully there’ll be more carnage than a Moldavian wedding to keep me in business.




4 thoughts on “Beautiful Death 7:7

  1. Hi There! You work is absolutely stunning! Do you sell prints/posters of any of the Beautiful Death Series? I would really like to purchase them for my GOT collection. I’ve read you don’t sell these prints and it was meant for marketing purposes. I see there are people out there trying to print and sell them, but would rather hear from the creator. Thank you! Please reach out to me if you do sell prints.


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