Game of Thrones Blu Ray

Earlier this year I made some Blu Ray and DVD covers for the release of Game of Thrones series 7. Working with Dan Calderwood at Aesop we produced seven covers that use an iconic object from each series.

Each is a window to a pivotal scene and there was a lot of rejigging of the set so that all major storylines are represented. Of course someone always loses out, so apologies to Butcher’s Boy fans.

I was working, unusually for me, with a fairly restricted palette to ensure each series is distinct from the others. Some colours chose themselves – the weddings in particular. To complicate matters the objects had to take up a comparable area on each cover and every picture has three or four elements to ‘decipher’.

A lovely, clean ‘graphic’ job to be part of.

Screenshot 2018-06-01 17.52.10Screenshot 2018-06-05 15.28.41Screenshot 2018-06-06 16.54.25Screenshot 2018-06-07 18.13.21Screenshot 2018-06-08 14.54.28Screenshot 2018-06-10 09.39.10Screenshot 2018-06-11 13.00.38DfaeYFWXcAEjaVY.jpg




9 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Blu Ray

  1. Hi,
    I really love the work for the 7 seasons.
    When we will be able to have the same thing for the season 8?
    Waiting to complete my collection.
    Thank you


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