Game of Thrones final season

The final season of Game of Thrones and the final set of Beautiful Deaths. This project has spanned nearly the full existence of my illustration career thus far. Seventy-odd posters over seven years which span off into DVD covers, banners, badges and has helped me get other jobs due to its profile. I’ve also made some pals with some of the Game of Thrones fan base who are extremely passionate and good humoured.

These have been my personal reactions and interpretations – sometimes coded or cryptic – to each week’s episode and have been very exciting, not to mention stressful, to produce.

Too many thanks for this project, so everyone at HBO, 360i – the commissioning agency – and my agents Mendola, particularly my pal Nancy Moore, and my agents The Artworks in the UK.

Most importantly thanks to anyone who liked, commented or retweeted any of these images which were made for social media and without whose enthusiasm this project wouldn’t have made it past Season 1. Cheers from fan to fan (what do we all do now?)



Season 8.1 RGBSeason 8.2 RGBSeason 8.3 RGBSeason 8.4 RGBSeason 8.5 RGBSeason 8.6 RGB

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